, Commercial Asbestos Removal Perth

Commercial Asbestos Removal Perth

The presence of Asbestos in a commercial establishment or an industrial site continues to be alarming for it exposes people to a variety of health risks As the property owner or Manager you do have a legal responsibility to maintain safety within the premises.

Asbestos cement products such as roof and wall sheeting have been subject to weathering and even severe damage due to hail, heat, fire or other mechanical actions. As these products are deemed friable the most reasonable thing to do is to call a licensed specialist in commercial asbestos removal.

The “Person in control” according to the code of practice for the management and control of asbestos in workplaces (NOHSC: 2018 (2005) May be:

  • The owner of the establishment, site, or facility
  • The person who is under any contract or leasing agreement to maintain or repair the building
  • The person who occupies the premises
  • The person who can make decisions about work or activities undertaken on the premises.
  • The employer at the premises.

We hope we can help you by offering services such as:

  • Creating an asbestos management plan for your building which will soon be mandatory in Western Australia just like the eastern states of Australia.
  • Conduct an Investigation/Audit of the premises regarding the presence or possible presence of materials containing asbestos.
  • Produce and maintain asbestos registers of the identified or presumed materials that have this fibrous mineral including details on the condition, location, risk assessments, accessibility and control measures
  • Develop measures to eliminate asbestos containing materials or at least minimise risks and prevent asbestos exposure.

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We are currently assiting as many asbestos clad buildings in O’Connor, Perth, Western Australia as we can.