, What is Tricky About the Removal of Asbestos?

What is Tricky About the Removal of Asbestos?

What is so tricky about removing asbestos?


The trick with removing asbestos is that … The Code of Practice requires a lot of processes to be

put in place to get the end result that everybody desires, which is obviously no fibers left within the

workplace. We follow the Code of Practices very stringently to make sure that this process is

achieved with probably checking in a few extra processes just to make that we keep the client and

our workforce happy that they’re keep safe at all times.


We found that when … The type of clients that we work for do have a workforce themselves and they are very … they are probably the main people that we need to worry about as far as our processes are concerned that they are happy to walk back in the building at the end of the day knowing that they’re completely safe.


The processes also that are included is the cleaning process, and that’s probably the hardest process of all. It’s very easy to rip the asbestos off and wrap it but it’s the actual cleaning process that takes the time and energy in getting a successful outcome of the project.