, 3 Things To Consider When Planning A New Industrial Warehouse

3 Things To Consider When Planning A New Industrial Warehouse

While industrial buildings such as factories and warehouses are designed primarily to be functional, this does not mean that you shouldn’t spend time thinking about the other factors, such as design, when you’re planning a new building.  Good design does not have to be about the colour of the roof or the style of the windows; it should be about how well your industrial warehouse will adapt to the needs of your business, how comfortable it will be when occupied and how easy and cost-effective it will be to maintain.


  1. Plan Your Industrial Warehouse Design For Today And Tomorrow


We all know that it’s sometimes difficult to accurately predict 12 or 18 months down the track for a business. That’s why it is always a good idea to build some flexibility into your plans for a new industrial warehouse, starting with its size and layout.  For example, including areas in the plan which may not be required today can be very useful in a year’s time when you need to incorporate an office or need extra room for equipment or machinery.  Having to renovate or refurbish an existing warehouse or industrial building to add extra space or features can be a time-consuming and costly process so it is better to build a little “redundancy” in while the plans for the building are being drawn up.


  1. Industrial Buildings Can Be Comfortable


Despite the typical image of a big crowded space with little ventilation or light, industrial warehouses these days can actually be quite comfortable.  Planning for features such as cross ventilation, skylights and other natural lighting options, along with the latest in artificial lighting solutions, can go a long way to making your new industrial building a pleasant place to visit or to work in.  Again, good design goes a long way, and your roofing or building contractor will be able to help you incorporate some of these important improvements into your final plans.


  1. The Cost Of The Ongoing Maintenance Of The Industrial Warehouse


If you build a brand new industrial warehouse these days it’ll probably only require minimal maintenance and last for at least 30 to 40 years depending on the surroundings and the climate.  This is because today’s materials and building practices are designed to last.  The only thing a business owner will have to worry about is the ongoing overhead of maintenance on the building, including air conditioning and heating, ventilation systems, roofing and roof plumbing and lighting.  When considering the design of the industrial warehouse, it is important to balance the overall cost of the construction of the building and the ongoing costs of running it.


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