, No Interruption to Production

No Interruption to Production

How do you keep a company’s factory or showroom or industry facility running while you’re replacing the roof?

One of our strengths is to keep companies running while we were doing the refurbishment process.

What it takes is, it’s a lot at the pre-start meetings with the client. It’s including all stakeholders. We do this so that everybody knows what everybody’s doing so we’re not getting in each other’s way. We want to ensure that the businesses can operate and function at full capacity if not most of their capacity.

The way we look at it at the end of the day is the companies remain profitable while we are working on their building, roof or industrial facility, which makes the cost of the job a lot more appealing to the client.

Here is an example or case study of how PRC Building Services replaced the roof and facade of the Dianella Library in The City of Stirling in Perth, Western Australia. The library was fully functional while these works were being completed.