, Commercial Roofing And Building Services Perth

Commercial Roofing And Building Services Perth

Commercial Roofing And Building Services

Apart from the cladding, commercial roofing options today include high tech and environmentally friendly water collection and distribution methods, ventilation systems, roof access, ladders and walkways. Whether you’re considering refurbishing or recladding your commercial building or shed in Perth, or are thinking of having new premises built from scratch, you want to know that your project – from cladding to the finished roof – will be completed to a high standard with minimal disruption to your business. PRC Building Services offers a one-stop shop for all your roofing requirements and related building services.

Commercial roofing projects do not begin and end at the cladding; in fact this is really just the beginning when it comes to building or refurbishing a roof. There are a range of other associated building projects that must be also be undertaken to ensure your commercial or industrial property is not only compliant with various building codes, user-friendly, protected against the harsh climate but also designed to have as little impact on the surrounding environment as possible.

Roof Plumbing

Roof plumbing services that you may need for your commercial roofing project in Perth include the planning and building of gutters and storm water disposal, downpipes and accessories such as fascia and rain heads. Having a professional such as PRC Building Services design a complete integrated system that can cope in the harshest weather and ensure that the risk from water damage is limited is a critical component of a successful commercial or industrial property. It is also important to remember that roofing accessories such as guttering and fascias these days come in many different architectural styles and colours, making their choice almost as important as the type and colour of the cladding used for the roof.


Installing natural ventilation in a new commercial or industrial roof or re-designing an old system can help contribute to a safer and more comfortable workplace as well as reduce energy bills. With high tech features, today’s ventilation options are designed for long lasting performance. The key to getting the right system for you is to have a commercial roofing expert assess your needs and environmental factors such as climate and building surroundings.

Roof Access And Walkways

One of the most important aspects of maintaining a commercial or industrial roof is the ability to access it easily whenever it is required. Part of an effective roof design is the inclusion of appropriate access ways, suspended walkways, platforms and ladders. According to occupational health and safety standards, these must be made of high quality material, slip-resistant and simple to use for workers, maintenance staff, tradesmen and service technicians.

PRC Building Services provide a wide range of commercial roofing building services. They are the number one company in Perth for large and small roofing projects, and they pride themselves on delivering on time every time, within budget and exceeding the highest safety standards. Contact them today to find out how they can help you design, build or improve your next commercial roofing project in Perth!