, Commercial Roofing Maintenance And Care

Commercial Roofing Maintenance And Care

Commercial Roofing Maintenance And Care

Regular inspections and a maintenance schedule for a commercial roof can be a critical element in extending its life as well as minimising the costs of any repairs or renovations that may be required. The vast majority of commercial roofs in Western Australia are metal clad, and this makes them highly susceptible to the harsh climate, including heavy rain, wind and damaging sun. This can combine with having an older roof that may be showing signs of neglect, or simply the wear and tear of having air-conditioning, signs, walkways and ladders and other elements. Because of this, PRC Building Services recommends at least a yearly inspection and regular general maintenance to ensure it is in good working condition.

When Should I Get A Commercial Roof Inspection?

If your commercial roof is relatively new (built within the last 10 years), then it is recommended that you have a regular inspection conducted by a commercial roofing professional at least once every two years. If your roof is older than 10 years old than it is recommended you contact a roofing specialist for a yearly inspection.

An immediate inspection is recommended under the following circumstances:

  • If you have conducted your own visual inspection of the exterior of the roof and noticed irregularities or signs of neglect.
  • If you have recently experienced very bad weather such as a storms, high winds, hail or torrential rain.
  • If you have noticed leaks inside the building coming from the ceiling.
  • If you have recently had workman or contractors walking on the roof surface or installing/maintaining equipment such as air-conditioning or signage. Human error can often be one of the main contributors to a damaged or faulty roof.

What Does A Roof Inspection Involve?
During a routine inspection, a professional commercial roofing company in Perth such as PRC Building Services will conduct a thorough examination of the exterior of your roof as well as the interior space. They will record any problems or damage they may find, and make recommendations for solving the issue in the most cost effective and thorough manner. Fixing small roofing problems before they become major issues can save you a lot of money in the future as well as give you peace of mind that you are providing your employees with the safest, most user-friendly workplace you can.

If you require any repairs or decide to renovate or refurbish your roof, the company will then provide you with a detailed quote to complete the project.

Commercial Roof Repairs

Most minor roofing problems can be fixed quickly and easily, for example, by simply replacing a section of cladding or replacing the gutters or downpipes. For major repairs or renovations, however, a range of multiple trades may need to be brought in to complete the project, including roof plumbers, electricians, painters, carpenters and builders. PRC Building Services provides a “one-stop shop” for these services, meaning that they will see your commercial roofing project in Perth through from beginning to end. With a strict “no downtime” policy and an impeccable safety record, they make sure the impact on your business is minimal while maintain the highest standards.