, The ABCs of Commercial Roofing

The ABCs of Commercial Roofing

Whether you’re a property manager who needs to get a few roof repairs completed or a business owner who wants a total renovation of your workplace, it is important to understand exactly what the job will entail. Like all industries, commercial roofing has a whole language all of its own, including names for procedures and techniques, parts of the roof, building lingo and assorted materials and accessories. In this article we look at some of the terms that roofing contractors in Perth may use when discussing your project.

Bracing: Bracing are traps, rods or cables that help to improve stability and strength and is particularly important in areas with harsh weather conditions or a difficult terrain.

Cappings: Capping is used to protect and hide the gaps between roof and wall cladding. It is normally made out of steel.

Door Headers: In a shed or warehouse a door header may be installed on the top of the opening of a door or window which gives it more strength.

Fascia Board: This is a steeply sloped or vertical board that is built onto the end of the rafters which both waterproofs the inside of the building and also hides the eaves.

Flashing: Roof flashings are generally pieces of metal sheeting that is used to waterproof or otherwise protect any edges, valleys, drains or expansion joints on the roof. You can get standard, custom and curved flashings.

Portal frame: A portal frame consists of horizontal or pitched rafters and columns. There are many different types of frames depending on the size and design of the building.

Purlin: A purlin a normally a horizontal structure, beam or board that runs along the length of the roof and serves as a support for roof loads.

Sarking: Sarking is a form of building material that goes between the rafters and the external roof coverings to provide a moisture-resistant and strong protective layer.

Skillion: A skillion roof is one that has been designed to be flat but have enough pitch to provide good drainage.

While it’s always a good idea to have a general idea of what a building, roofing or construction project will entail, a good commercial roofing contractor in Perth will be able to explain the details of your project without confusing you with a lot of terms and lingo you won’t understand. Always choose a commercial roofing company such as PRC Building Services, one that has the expertise and experience to complete your job as efficiently and as safely as possible.