Dampier (Parker Point) industrial workshop re-cladding

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    June 2013

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Dampier rail workshop re-cladding

Over the 2013 Christmas break PRC Building Services successfully completed an Industrial Rail Workshop Re-cladding Project of both the walls and roof in Dampier, Western Australia.

This industrial/mining roofing project consisted of:

  • Re-roofing 30,000 m2 of cladding.
  • Installation of specialised ventilation (for the extremely hot Pilbara weather conditions).
  • Installation of a roofing siphonic drainage system.
  • Structural works such as supply and install of roof purlins, safety tarps and bridging.
  • Completed Ridge‐vent replacements and installed new louver vents.

PRC Building Services provided a team of up to forty five personnel at any one time which also included a full time administration team to manage this project to completion.

The building was completely operational throughout the duration of the contract with zero downtime and zero safety incidents.

The average temperature was between thirty five degrees celsius and forty degrees celsius with a relative high humidity level.  This project required over 600 metric tonnes of scaffolding to be used which had to be constantly mobilised  as the cladding installation progressed.

The works were run through the Christmas break which included working Christmas Day allowing our client  minimal  downtime affecting their daily operations.


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