Dangers Lurking in Old Buildings

Old structures, whether they’re warehouses or small shops, are undeniably appealing in their own right. But behind their olden and nostalgic charisma lie some hazards that may spell disaster to the dwellers, and in most cases, to the workers in charge of the restoration.

These hazards are difficult to detect, especially if you purchased the property without a good idea about its history, or if you work on renovation or restoration without going over the building codes or seeking the help of engineers and licensed contractors. We give you a head start on what these hazards are. Read on to learn more.

Lead Pipes

Plumbers before used lead in the water pipes, but regulators now prohibit the use of such materials when building a plumbing system. Lead contains toxins that can contaminate water. When this happens, the water becomes a threat to health, mainly affecting the brain, red blood cells, and kidneys. Lead is hard to detect, as it has no colour, taste, or odour.

Lead-Based Paints

As it has no colour, taste, or odour, lead is more difficult to detect when it is incorporated in materials such as paint. Lead in paint doesn’t cause trouble when it is not disturbed, but it may cause a number of health problems once the paint flakes and peels. Lead-based paint is often found on doors, bathroom cupboards, window frames, and ceilings. You may also test the soil within your perimeter for lead content due to paint residue.


Asbestos is a catchall name for fibrous silicate minerals. It was used in building structures before, as it is durable and heat-resistant. Asbestos is often found in roofing materials, insulation, boilers, tiles, and other fittings. As this material is hard to destroy, your body will not be able to disintegrate it. It usually remains inside the body and eventually causes disorders, such as lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis.

Old buildings may have their unique appeal, but you need to take extra precautions before rendering any change in the structure. If you need assistance when it comes to this, we offer excellent lead and removal services.