, Minimising Disruption And Maximum Safety During A Renovation in Perth

Minimising Disruption And Maximum Safety During A Renovation in Perth

Minimising Disruption And Maximising Safety During A Renovation

Ready to renovate your commercial premises or industrial facility but worried about potential down time for your business? Need a job completed quickly, but worried about the safety implications? Commercial roofing company PRC Building Services is well known in the industry for providing the most efficient, time-effective and high quality commercial and industrial renovations, while at the same time maintaining an impeccable safety record.

It is difficult sometimes to start a roofing, construction or building project when you know your business might suffer some down time or face ongoing disruptions. You might even be worried about having your employees or contractors in and around the building works. When choosing a company to take on any type of renovation or refurbishment, there are really four factors – apart from issues such as budget – that business owners and managers need to keep in mind:

  • The ways that the roofing company will minimise down time to the business during the project;
  • Whether they have realistic project deadlines that are met every time;
  • Whether they ensure the project is conducted within the highest possible professional safety standards;
  • Whether they maintain a high quality standard of workmanship, materials and finish.

PRC Building Services has years of experience in working on commercial roofing jobs and other renovation projects where they must work on site while the business is still operating. This includes commercial and industrial warehouses, offices, factories, mine sites, farm buildings and a range of other structures that needed either complete renovations or minor alterations and refurbishments.

The keys to minimising disruption while having a range of professional tradesmen onsite while a business conducts its normal schedule is planning and management. PRC Building Services employs exceptional planning and logistical techniques, and they are proud to specialise in having a “low impact” approach to the business surroundings, whether it involves an isolated mess room, storage bay or even a complete commercial roofing job.

Safety – in the form of professional occupational health and safety regulations, laws and best practice – is obviously a number one priority at any commercial roofing or building site. Having a scenario where the business must run as usual, with employees going about their daily routines and the day to day operations of site deliveries, heavy machinery or management meetings can all complicate a renovation project.

PRC Building Services have over 20 years’ experience in providing a one-stop shop for a range of commercial roofing, construction and building services, and specialise in high risk and difficult projects. In everything they do PRC Building Services go above and beyond professional health and safety standards, and they extend this level of professionalism and commitment to include their relationships with contractors and suppliers. This means that their projects are of the highest possible quality, have zero downtime and also have zero safety incidents onsite.

Contact the professionals at PRC Building Services to find out how they can assist you with your next commercial roofing, construction or building project today!