Commercial Roofing Maintenance and Repair

Commercial Roofing Maintenance and Repair

Commercial roofing maintenance is among one of the most important things that owners can do. Maintenance exists for the sole purpose of ensuring that an owner gets the most value he or she can out of his or her installation. It also allows an owner to prevent damage to his or her installation by taking precautionary steps to avoid problems in the future. Roofs have traditionally been one of the most vulnerable parts of a structure since it is open to the elements and is the first place that is likely to be damaged in the case of an external event. In order for an owner to ensure that the roof above their heads remains to protect them, the cycle of inspection, maintenance and repair should be built into the ideals of a commercial building owner.

What Constitutes a Roofing Problem?

Owners of commercial roofing installations might not immediately notice a minute problem in their roofs, but there are a few telltale signs that can point to a flaw that could become problematic as time goes on. Once these signs appear it is a good idea for an owner to repair the roof as soon as possible. Common signs include:

– Water stains which may signal a leak

– Mold in strange places or a lingering odor

– Visual tells such as broken roof segments or obvious holes in the structure

Inspections can be done by the owner on a cursory basis, but the best idea is to get a professional that is trained in spotting problems in roofs.

Signs of a Serious Roofing Problem

Roofing problems aren’t limited to the regular run-of-the-mill minor issues such as leaks. Some problems can lead to an extended problem with the roof if they aren’t dealt with quickly. Some of these include:

– Standing Water Pools: on a roof, if water is left to stand for any length of time it can lead to the roof becoming aged through oxidation. This can further lead to a loss of structural integrity and eventually collapse.

– Bubbles: These bubbles are signs of possible trapped moisture under a roof cover. Alternatively, these bubbles may be gas released from the insulation boards that get stuck below the cover. This reduces the effectiveness of the cover and should be dealt with via a professional.

– Flashing Gaps: Flashing that is used to increase the effectiveness of seals on the roof can fail, allowing water to enter these joints. When this happens, the chances of a leak or mold showing up increases dramatically.

– Cover Tears and Cracked Seams: These also allow water to enter the roof freely and undermine the structural stability of the roof and the cover.

How to Deal with Maintenance and Repair

Commercial roofing maintenance is something that an owner needs to take seriously since if the roof fails, it could mean disaster for the business in that particular building. Having a regularly scheduled inspection alongside periodic maintenance is a good way to go about finding and fixing roof problems before they get out of hand. PRC Building Services is a company that understands that commercial roofing solutions need to be inspected thoroughly and dealt with in a swift manner. Contact us today to schedule an inspection of your commercial roofing installation.