, It Might Be Time: Signs Your Warehouse Needs Re-Cladding

It Might Be Time: Signs Your Warehouse Needs Re-Cladding

Much like the humans that built them, buildings have a lifespan. While signs of chronic damage may not be immediately obvious on your warehouse, it is important to hold regular inspections and perform maintenance so that these small signs do not build up into a larger problem. Weather and time are a patient but devastating tag team that can make even the sturdiest building unsafe to work in, and at some point you will have to make a tough decision to re-clad your warehouse. The inner material of your building is an important line of defense against the elements. Damage from dampness can result in mold, which could cause respiratory problems for the employees in the building. To prevent long-term damage to your building, and far worse, your employees, consider these signs that you need to re-clad.

Listen to Employee Complaints of Leaks and Pooling

When a regular occupant of the building reports a leak or pooling of water, it may be the first sign of a larger water retention problem. Plugging the leak may solve the immediate issue, but in this case you may be extinguishing a spark while ignoring an inferno. These small leaks may indicate that your building’s inner protection if failing or gathering mold over time.

At the first sign of these complaints, you may want to call a professional to examine your warehouse and look for signs of water damage. If there is an indication that your warehouse has extensive insulation or envelope damage beyond just that leak, consider re-cladding. More leaks may spring up that will interfere with your production, and your employees may be in danger from excessive mold and respiratory risks. Load-bearing leaky walls may also be in danger of collapsing.

If The Outer Shell is Showing Damage, Your Warehouse Needs Re-Cladding

For a human being, when something wrong in the body starts to show on the outside, they need immediate medical care. It is much the same for a building. We hardly think of small amounts of water as something that can bring down a sturdy warehouse, but nature doesn’t have a deadline. Standing water can and will do its part to damage your warehouse.

If you see cracks or leaks on the outside of your building, you need to take immediate action. Non-draining water on your roof or cracks on the surface of your building are signs of greater internal damage. Water will leak downwards, so signs of water damage on your roof is an alarming indication that water is spreading throughout your building.

Keep In Mind the Age of Your Building

An older building will have been beset by the elements for a far longer time. If your building does not show signs of extensive damage, but is far older than those surrounding it, it may be time for a re-cladding anyway. Proper preventative maintenance can be a good way to save costs down the line.

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