, Survive the Cool: 3 Tips to Protect Your Commercial Roof During the Perth Winter

Survive the Cool: 3 Tips to Protect Your Commercial Roof During the Perth Winter

Winter has arrived, which means cool, rainy days rather than the blistering heat of the Perth summer. However, just because the worst of the heat has come and gone, does not mean you shouldn’t keep vigilant maintenance on your commercial roof. With the rainy days of Perth winter comes a new set of challenges for your roof and a variety of maintenance tasks to keep your business protected from the elements. Here are some tips to keep your roof spick and span during the winter months to ensure that you have more time and money to spend doing actual business rather than making sure the rain won’t hit your head when you’re trying to work.

Inspect Your Roof for Any Damage from Previous Seasons

Autumn often brings with it a downpour of leaves, seeds, and flower blossoms that can add up to clog drainage pipes and cause blockage. Autumn also brings occasional showers, which may build up on your roof to cause water damage. Summer brings along different challenges, with the blistering heat pounding forcing your ventilation system into overdrive and driving up energy costs.

A commercial roof in Perth will be thankful for the cooler temperatures of the winter, but should be prepared for the increased rainfall. Be sure that issues from the previous season have been fully addressed. While some piles of leaves might not seem a big deal at first, damages add up, and proper maintenance for your commercial roof is a smart business move. Make sure to unclog your drainage pipes so that they can deposit the rainfall to prevent water buildup and mold damage on your roof.

A Commercial Roof in Perth Must Have Well-Kept Ventilation

Although a good ventilation system works out the hardest during summer, it should not be ignored during the winter. To avoid this, make sure any ventilation units on the roof undergo regular and thorough inspections. The reason is that Perth winters are part of the rainiest season. The rainfalls of winter may lead to buildup of water in the units, which could lead to mold damage. Although your ventilation units will be thankful for the break, be sure that they’re in top shape throughout the winter so that they can protect you during the summer.

Maintaining your ventilation system from the rains of winter will ensure that the building interior will be able to withstand next summer’s heat. The potential energy economy and full-building air circulation will go a long way to making sure your costs are kept low and your employees kept happy.

Openings, Cracks, and Gaps Must Be Sealed

Most would agree that it is not enough to have your business only mostly covered. Therefore, it is paramount to have your roof thoroughly inspected for damage and have it repaired. Even the smallest opening in your roof can escalate into a much larger issue if left unsealed. It is possible that water could flow into a crack and result in a mold outbreak dangerous for your building and its occupants alike. Even worse, a gap in your roof could provide refuge for unsavory creatures such as hornets and wasps, who could use the crevice to build nests.

Conclusion: Proper Winter Maintenance Will Save Long-Term Money

Proper maintenance even in the more forgiving winter temperatures is worth it, and the short-term costs of winter maintenance are utterly dwarfed by the costs of big-time repairs. Contact a roofing professional to ensure your commercial roof survives the Perth winter.