, Your Cold Weather Commercial Roofing Checklist

Your Cold Weather Commercial Roofing Checklist

One of the greatest challenges of commercial roofing is being prepared for any type of weather at any given moment. Because there is cooler weather coming to Perth, it’s important to ensure your roof is buttoned up and prepared for the drop in temperatures. Here are some items to put on your maintenance checklist before the colder weather arrives.


  1. Check Drainage

Inspect gutters and spouts and diagnose any flow issues. Clear out any debris. Make sure all drains are prepared to handle a heavy downpour.


  1. Winterize Rooftop Equipment

If there is any mechanical equipment on the roof, ensure it is waterproofed and protected from the effects of cold weather. Inspect seals around equipment for cracking or leaks. Re-seal if necessary.


  1. Inspect Commercial Roofing for Sinking

Closely examine the levelness of the roof and make note of any places where water has been pooling. Check for evidence of moisture damage if water is pooling. If any roofing materials are bubbling or coming loose, they should be repaired right away.


  1. Check for Cracks in the Calking

Sealants used to seal roofing materials are out in the sun every day, vulnerable to drying and cracking. Make sure to inspect caulking and other sealants for cracking to prevent ceiling leaks.


  1. Check Around for Overhanging Branches

Wind and other inclement weather can cause a low hanging branch on a tree to fall on a roof and compromise its structural integrity. Before the rainy season arrives, check your building’s surrounding to ensure your roof is protected.


  1. Redistribute Ballast Across Commercial Roofing

Ballast is the loose gravel on a rooftop. It provides added support to the membrane, or the piece of material that floors the rooftop. To ensure a commercial rooftop is secure and protected, ensure ballast is evenly distributed across the surface.


  1. Be Gentle with Roof Membranes in the Winter

When temperatures drop off, the material used in rooftop membranes can harden and become less flexible. This can make it more vulnerable to tearing. Be gentle when walking on rooftops in colder temperatures.


  1. Check Operation of HVAC Units

During colder weather, heating will be in higher demand. While checking the condition of your roof, make sure HVAC units are running well. Preventative maintenance can help building operators skip the headache of an overheating HVAC unit during the winter month.


  1. Check the Interior for Signs of Leaks

Roof health can be diagnosed from outside and inside the building. Make sure to keep a close eye on any leaks, cracks, or discolorations in the interior. If the leak cannot be located on the rooftop, you might want to call a professional.


  1. Check All Metal Copings

Before your roof is buttoned up for the winter, it is important to know the copings are 100% prepared for the oncoming weather. Examine coping joints carefully and inspect the caulking before checking this item off your list.


Preventative Maintenance is Key

Roofing companies should build commercial roofs to withstand the elements in any season. But, even the best roofing jobs require upkeep to provide maximum protection. With this preventative maintenance checklist, you can make sure your commercial roofing in Perth is prepared for the winter weather.