, Emergency Response And Tie Down And Secure Services

Emergency Response And Tie Down And Secure Services

Emergency response and tie down and secure procedures are part of the most important services that PRC Building Services offer. Businesses based in Western Australia are particularly at risk from the hazards of bad weather and extreme weather patterns, and cleaning up after events such as storms and even cyclones can be a costly and even dangerous exercise.  As one of the state’s leading commercial roofing companies, PRC Building Services provides a one-stop shop for preparation for extreme weather events such as cyclones, as well as an emergency response to repair and clean up if required.

Bad weather and natural disasters such as cyclones can have a severe detrimental impact on buildings in a number of ways, including damage and destruction of property caused by from wind, hail, flooding, storm surges and even fires from damaged electrical lines.  In areas such as the Pilbara region in Western Australian businesses can often face multiple weather events over the course of a year, and it is important for them to have a thorough disaster plan in place for such times.  This will involve creating and keeping important information such as a procedural guide for employees in the event of a severe weather event and contact details of building and roofing companies and Fire and Emergency Services.

Having an experienced commercial roofing company such as PRC Building Services on standby should be part of the planning process for businesses who may be affected by such weather events.  The company can provide:

  • Assistance with creating emergency response plans and advice on protecting commercial and industrial buildings against weather damage
  • Specialist roofing tie down and secure procedures
  • As emergency response service in the event of flooding, hail or general storm damage

In the past they have provided services to a range of businesses in Western Australia, including a recent successful tie down and secure procedure for projects in Karratha in preparation for the recent cyclone that affected the region.  In another example, PRC Building Services was contacted for emergency assistance from the remote town of Wickham in North Western after Cyclone Christine swept through the area in December 2013.  The category 4 cyclone hit the coast between Port Headland and Karratha with wind gusts up to 220 km per hour, causing significant damage to homes and businesses.  Within 24 hours of the call for help, PRC Building Services had mobilised a response team and was on site to assist with securing the town and damage clean up.

Because of their experience and their exceptional track record with providing emergency response procedures, the team from PRC Building Services have offered their services to the remote properties damaged in Cyclone Owen in Vanuatu.  The devastating storm affected almost two thirds of the country, damaging homes and businesses, and in some cases wiping out entire villages and food crops.  The commercial roofing company is uniquely placed to help, and will send a project team to Vanuatu if they are required.