Transcript of “Why Safety is a Priority at PRC Building Services”

Can you please tell me why safety is so important, why you take it so seriously at PRC Building Services?

Safety is our big driver at PRC Building Services. It really helps to set your job up. We believe that getting your safety correct in the first instance is your road to success on the outcome of your project. The last thing that we want to have happen is anybody be put at risk, whether it be the client or our employees, so we really take a lot of pride and a lot of time and effort in setting our projects up initially with safety management being our main driver.

Why is safety so important?

Safety came about, for me, probably in my early days of roofing. I worked for a company that really laid out the red carpet for us on a particular job. That got me to really thinking about how much easier that project ran and how we were able to maintain our profit margins and our timelines for completing the project.