, 10 Considerations When Installing Solar on a Commercial Roof

10 Considerations When Installing Solar on a Commercial Roof

Solar cells can do a lot to decrease the costs of owning and operating commercial roofing in Perth. Thanks to the large amount of insolation the area has, it is ideal for the installation of photovoltaic cells for the purpose of energy generation. In order to fully utilize a solar array, there are a few things that owners need to keep in mind as they install this sort of hardware.

 Shade: Photocells are only active when they are placed in direct sunlight. Any shade that is cast on the roof will lead to a level of inefficiency that might make the installation a bad idea.

Size: Installation of a solar array puts a lot of pressure on the roof in terms of weight. The size of the roof should be able to support the weight and size of the solar array as well as the connecting wires without presenting a hazard to the owners.

Structural Considerations: A building is designed to support a roof of a particular weight. The solar array may be heavy and before it is installed, it is up to the architect or engineer to determine if the building has sufficient support for the added weight of the solar cells.

Racking Systems: Some solar cell arrays come with racking systems for ease of installation. If the system to be installed does indeed have a racking system, it should be easily accessible for maintenance and repairs.

Type of Solar System: There are a large range of photovoltaic cells available, and depending on the needs of the client, one might be a better fit than another. In order to determine which system is best, the owner needs to consider things like the cost of installation and the potential impact the cells may have on his or her building.

Roof Lifetime: Replacing a roof means replacing the solar cells that are mounted on it. If the roof isn’t able to endure for the amount of years that the solar cell array is mounted on it, then it may lead to an additional cost to replace the roof and remount the solar array.

Warranty Concerns: A solar cell array may affect the warranty of a roof system if it requires installation on the roof itself. If the system is a racking system it might not actually tamper with the roof and could be a better fit for commercial roofing in Perth.

Purchase Agreements: Some solar cell marketing companies offer a purchase agreement that may give better installments for commercial properties.

Return on Investment: This requires a calculation for the amount of energy that the solar panel will produce compared to the cost savings on electricity.

Government Incentives: As more governments start to move towards alternative energy, there are usually rebates or incentives in place to claim on these improvements. Checking with the local authority to see if any exist helps to offset the cost of installation.

Installation Done Right

Having skilled professionals for the installation of a solar cell array does a lot to decrease problems with installation to a large degree. There is less chance of a bad installation that needs repair later or poor connection that lead to a loss of efficiency. Contact PRC Building Services to have professional service when installing a commercial roofing solar cell solution today!