, More than Just Roofing

More than Just Roofing

Why are you offering building services on top of roof replacement and asbestos removal, and what other services does PRC Building Services provide?

What we’ve found is that by offering the extra services of doing the refurbishment as part of the roofing work is that it reduces the client’s downtime.

We’re able to combine all the particular services of either painting or mechanical services, carpet laying, all in one hit. If the client’s got their building down down for a particular period, they’re not having to shut it down again later in order to, for example, relay carpet.

They can get it all done at once with us in one go and this reduces their downtime. We can run safety walkways and platforms. We offer scaffolding. We can do air conditioning. We can offer painting. We offer asbestos removal.

Roller Doors?

Roller doors. Anything that’s really outside the square we really take pride of being able to take on the challenge of the project. That’s what we thrive on as a company.