, The Benefits Of Commercial Roofing Insulation

The Benefits Of Commercial Roofing Insulation

When looking at designing a replacement roof for a commercial or industrial building, roofing companies in Perth must not only ensure they match the client’s budget, aesthetics and specific requirements, but they must also satisfy the rules and regulations as set out in the National Construction Code of Australia for 2012.   One of the most important aspects of commercial roofing these days is insulation, as it plays a critical role in creating a safe and pleasant working environment for employees, as well as the energy efficiency and ongoing running costs of a building. Because it is now so important, planning for insulation will happen early on in a roofing project.  There are many benefits of suitable and properly installed insulation in commercial and industrial buildings, including:

  • Decreasing energy costs and making the building more efficient by reducing the need for heating and cooling.  Having highly efficient insulation that is suitable for your particular climate can also reduce the need for large heating and systems.  Having a stable temperature even with extreme changes in temperature can also greatly improve the working environment.  The Building Code of Australia specifies minimum standards for thermal performance of buildings and choosing the correct insulation for the surroundings and the climate plays a large role in meeting these requirements.
  • Using the right insulation greatly reduces the risk of condensation forming within the roof cavity.  When moist hot air from internal spaces hits a colder metal roof, condensation can form, and this can damage the roof sheeting and the internal ceiling linings.  Pools of condensation can also lead to significant health issues such as mould and mildew.  As roofing companies in Perth can attest, this can be a particularly bad problem in hot and humid climates as found in some parts of North West Australia.
  • The effective cancellation of internal and external noise.  Correctly installed insulation plays a critical role in dampening noises such as rain, helping to create a more pleasant environment for employees and other staff.  This can be especially important in commercial and industrial workplaces where the internal environment may be noisy to begin with.
  • As an effective protection against fire in accordance with the Building Code of Australia.  Products such as CSR’s Bradford Anticon bulk insulation blanket range are rated as non-combustible, and help to reduce the fuel load within the roof space.
  • It can reduce what’s known as “metal creep”, or the sound of the metal structures within a commercial or industrial building warping and moving with changes in temperatures.  This can not only be disconcerting for those inside the building, but can also over time cause damage to the roof.

Whether you’re replacing a commercial or industrial roof, considering repairs or designing a new structure, getting the insulation right can make a big difference in creating an efficient, comfortable and safe workplace.  Always ensure that you talk to roofing companies in Perth such as PRC Building Services that have the experience, the skills and the local knowledge to help you choose the right insulation for you.