, The Syfonic Roof Drainage System For Commercial Roofing

The Syfonic Roof Drainage System For Commercial Roofing

In tropical climates such as parts of Australia, New Zealand and Asia extreme rain events are common, and they can take their toll on commercial and industrial buildings.  Without a well maintained specialised guttering and drainage system, buildings can become susceptible to flooding, water damage and general deterioration of the roof structure.   Industrial and commercial roofing that is subjected to high levels of rainfall on a regular basis will require costly ongoing maintenance and, in some cases, may need to be replaced altogether.


Australian company, Syfon Systems, has developed a unique and ground-breaking drainage product that has been designed for areas of high rainfall.  The Syfonic roof system offers a full integrated guttering and drainage solution for brand new and existing buildings.  It works by collecting rain on the roof via high rainfall Syfonic gutter inlets, which is then reticulated at a high level through a specially designed piping system.  The piping system does not require a slope or angle to work, and is designed to run at full capacity, while other traditional systems typically run at one third of capacity.  This means that the drainage system will work more efficiently, especially during periods of excessive rainfall.


The rain is then diverted into a single downpipe and into underground drains, reducing the need for extra downpipes and resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing and “clutter free” structure.  This clever design also makes the Syfonic roof drainage system ideal for architect-designed commercial buildings, and it has been used extensively on unique and challenging projects such as the Southern Cross Station and Federation Square in Melbourne, Hong Kong International Airport and the ongoing construction of the futuristic township of Proton City in Malaysia.


Apart from being a highly flexible guttering and drainage system for challenging commercial roofing projects, the other major benefits to the Syfonic system include:


  • Reduced construction and installation time thanks to the efficient design and materials
  • Lower costs and capital requirements, and significantly reduced lifecycle costs
  • Improved rainwater harvesting capabilities
  • Improved protection against debris with high tech gutter guards


The Syfonic system’s cutting edge technology was developed in conjunction with the University Of Technology in Sydney and the CSIRO


PRC Building Services And The Syfonic Roof Drainage System


Commercial roofing experts PRC Building Services recently installed the Syfonic Roof Drainage System for Rio Tinto at its rail workshops in Dampier.  The area is well known for its challenging climate, and Dampier experiences severe rain events regularly.The large industrial roofing project involved the re-roofing of 30,000 m2 of cladding, the installation of specialised ventilation to combat Dampier’s extreme weather conditions as well as installation of the Syfonic drainage system.


To ensure the job did not interfere with the normal operations of the workshop, PRC Building Services provided a large workforce of between 35 and 45 personnel, including a full time administration team to manage the project.  The team also worked right through the Christmas break – even on Christmas day – to ensure there was minimal downtime for the client.