PRC Building Services Pty Ltd & our parent company Perth Roofing Company Pty Ltd have been safely removing and compliantly disposing of asbestos for over 20 years in Perth, Western Australia. In this time, we have completed many projects, the most notable being the completion of the Esperance Lead Clean-up Project for the Department of Transport and the Western Australian Government. If you are currently looking for asbestos removal quotes, we have both the experience and expertise to take on all manner of Perth asbestos removal projects, from a single building to a large-scale multiple property undertaking.

The safe removal and disposal of asbestos is a job that lies firmly in the domain of licensed Asbestos removal companies, so if you notice or suspect the presence of asbestos in your residential or commercial property it is imperative that you take action immediately and contact us.

Leading Perth Asbestos Removal Contractors

As you’d expect, all of our technicians are highly trained in the removal of all forms of asbestos and the safe use of all associated tools and machinery. At PRC we only use the highest calibre machinery, including the latest Hepa Vacuum systems and engineered trailer mounted vacuum system amongst others. This enables us to carry out asbestos roof removal quickly and efficiently, with the minimum of inconvenience for our clients.

PRC are fully compliant with Work Safe WA and The Safe Removal of Asbestos 2005 2nd Edition. We also have the necessary professional acumen to carry out bonded asbestos roof removal in Perth in addition to any bonded asbestos removal from pipe lagging and boilers. Bonded asbestos is particularly hazardous to health as it can be reduced to powder with minimal contact and therefore ingested easily.

Regardless of whether you are involved in residential property refurbishment or renovation, commercial building renovations or simply a homeowner that suspects asbestos may be present in their property, the team at PRC can help. We can also help with the removal of other potentially hazardous waste that may be present, including lead and bird faeces. For more information or to enquire about asbestos removal prices in Perth and surrounding areas please call us on (08) 9377 3555 or request a quote online.

Asbestos Removal Services in Perth

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Asbestos Removal Regulations

Why do you need to clean up Asbestos?

The presence of asbestos in a commercial establishment or industrial site continues to be alarming, for it exposes people to a variety of health risks. As the property owner or manager, you have legal responsibilities to maintain safety within your premises.

Asbestos cement products such as roof sheeting that has been subjected to weathering and severe damage due to hail, heat, fire, or other mechanical actions. As these products are friable, the most reasonable thing to do is to call licensed specialists in commercial asbestos removal.

Who is considered the controller of the premises?

The “person with control” according to the Code of Practice for the Management and Control of Asbestos in Workplaces [NOHSC:2018(2005)] may be:

  • The owner of the establishment, site, or facility
  • The person who is under any contract or leasing agreement to maintain or repair the property
  • The person who occupies the premises
  • The person who can make decisions about work or activities undertaken at the premises
  • The employer at the premises

People with control of premises have the obligation to:

  • Create, implement, and maintain a management plan for asbestos.
  • Conduct an investigation of the premises regarding the presence or possible presence of materials containing asbestos.
  • Produce and maintain asbestos registers of the identified or presumed materials that have this fibrous mineral, including details on the condition, locations, risk assessments, accessibility, and control measures.
  • Develop measures to eliminate asbestos-containing materials or at least minimise risks and prevent asbestos exposure.

Ensure such measures are implemented as soon as possible, and properly maintained as long as the materials with asbestos remain in the workplace.