Lead, asbestos, and faeces from vermin such as rodents and pigeons, are some of the common hazards causing health problems in commercial spaces and industrial facilities.


Please see Asbestos Removal for our solutions with regards to the removal of materials containing this fibrous mineral.



Presently, a licensure for the removal of lead dusts/paints is not a requirement. The latest WHS Act 2011 & Regulation 2011, however, clearly states the responsibilities of the owner, employer & employee to provide a safe working environment. There are a variety of guidelines in place and the Regulatory Authority is required to be notified regarding any Lead Risk Work (as defined by the Regulation 2011).

At PRC Building Services, we have assisted many of our clients facing lead contamination problems. Be it lead paints, soils or dust, we have the proven expertise in hazardous waste removal to deliver the apt solution to your issues and completely eliminate the presence of lead in the affected areas within your premises.

Lead Paint

Structures that are of heritage nature are often associated with lead paint problems. In most cases, the removal of lead hazards could be a sensitive issue to try and limit the damage to the substrates. PRC Building Services has a wealth of experience in hazardous waste removal to expertly take care of this job with caution.

Lead Contaminated Dust
Roof Cavities

This contamination is prevalent in properties that predate the time when companies started becoming environmentally responsible. This is common in areas near or right next to railways or major arterial roads. The decontamination techniques used to remove the presence of lead are closely similar to those utilised in friable asbestos removal. The disposal of lead-contaminated dust, however, is largely different from the removal of asbestos. An environmental consultant must first certify the type of disposal to be used.

Lead Contaminated Soils

Generally, industry “pollution” causes the lead within the soil due to the different manufacturing processes. Exterior wall linings coated with lead-containing paint that have severely deteriorated, however, are also known to contaminate the ground with this hazardous element.

In most cases, the soils are removed to a certain depth where the contamination is no longer present. This process may be costly, but it is necessary should the land in question or the building that sits on it is to be used for some other purpose.

At PRC Building Services, you can rely on our unparalleled hazardous waste removal solutions to handle this concern for your convenience.

Faeces of Vermin

Rodent and pigeon faeces are toxic and potentially present a number of health risks to people. As the authority in hazardous waste removal in Perth, PRC Building Services has the capabilities to effectively remove these harmful materials and perform a thorough clean-up.