Commercial Roof Replacement

PRC Building Services Pty Ltd specialises in getting the job done with minimal interruption. In fact we can get the job done with ZERO DOWNTIME to your factory or facility. We are not aware of any other company in Western Australia or in Australia that can do this.

Whether it be a mess or a dining hall, PRC Building Services Pty Ltd will keep your operation running with zero safety incidents. We are extremely proud of this accomplishment.


Commercial Roofing Contractors

PRC Building services are the premier commercial and industrial roofing contractors in Perth. We only employ the highest quality roofing contractors who are able to install all types of sheet metal roofing and walling using all the latest commercial and industrial roofing systems.

We can also help with any refurbishment or repair works that your warehouse may require, keeping your business fully operational while the commercial or industrial repairs are undertaken.

We also can install and certify roof safety anchorage points and provide you with a safe work system. It doesn’t matter how steep the roof is or how high we can clad anything; with our professional roofing contractors, you get nothing but the best industrial and commercial roofing practises in Perth saving you time money and not incurring any downtime.

We have previously utilised a few methods for keeping business operating including string lining tarps under the roof area so as to catch all rust, broken screws and other non-fixed items this also provides a safety aspect in not allowing either personnel or tooling to fall below this method was used both in mining operations workshops and in fertiliser treatment plant. Also used are temporary systems which can be installed.